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120618 Myerscough Prospectus 11
120618 Myerscough Prospectus 11

Preparation for Farriery

Preparation for Farriery

About the course

This course can be applied for here:

Preparation For Farriery (1) | Myerscough College

The Preparation for Farriery course has been designed for those who are interested in becoming a qualified Farrier, providing an intense 2-weeks of training with our expert team to develop the basic knowledge, skills and behaviours applicants require to progress onto the Level 3 Farriery Apprenticeship and thrive in this industry upon qualification.

Those who enrol on the course can expect an interesting and engaging first week of theory sessions, delivered via the College’s Virtual Learning Environment (VLE), Canvas. This week will be intensive and engagement with the learning resources provided will be monitored carefully by the Farriery Team to check the progress of individual students before an end of week one meeting via Microsoft Teams is held.

Week two will welcome students to the Myerscough College campus near Preston and require students to engage in a range of practical sessions to help develop their basic practical skills, equine skills, knowledge of safe working practices, and ultimately decide if this is the right career choice for them.

During the 2-week course, a session will be scheduled with some Approved Training Farriers (ATFs) who may be looking to employ an apprentice farrier, so introductions can be made and plans potentially made for trials in the workplace.

The course will run on two dates as follows:

  • Week 1 - 17/10/22 – 21/10/22
  • Week 2 - 24/10/22 – 28/10/22

  • Week 1 - 24/07/23 – 28/07/23
  • Week 2 - 31/07/23 – 04/08/23

Course cost: £500 (you will need to contact our finance department to pay this in advance of starting the course to secure your place).

For further information about the course please contact Mr Craig D’Arcy, Assistant Head of Farriery, ddarcy@myerscough.ac.uk or the admissions team.

Course modules

Year 1

Entry requirements & additional information

Entry requirements

Minimum age - 15 years old

Special requirements

Accommodation required for week 2.

Students to cover the costs themselves.

Costs (5 days + meals) = £150

Minimum Windows 10 or equivalent with broadband internet connection.

Steel toe cap boots, safety glasses required

Turning hammer, 3/8 and 5/16 tongs, ruler, engineer’s chalk, wire brush


Farriery, or the shoeing of horses, is an ancient craft. A farrier is a skilled craftsperson, capable of making shoes to suit all types of horse and their working conditions. Modern farriers must have knowledge of the anatomy of horses’ feet and legs, be able to work alongside vets, manage and handle horses, understand and meet the needs of clients and successfully run their own business.