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Myerscough 31 05 17A (95 Of 156)
Myerscough 31 05 17A (95 Of 156)

The perfect place to grow your career

Greenspace Courses

Whether you're laying the foundations for a career in landscape gardening, looking to be cut above the rest in the sportsturf sector or perhaps holding a blooming passion for floral design, Myerscough College's facilities are perfect for you to blossom in whatever greenspace industry you choose. Our Preston Campus situated in an extensive woodland area, with five hectares of ornamental features; an extensive plant collection including arboretum; pinetum and anddemonstration gardens, glasshouses for crop production and purpose-built landscape workshop and fully equipped landscape drawing studio.

Arboriculture and Urban Forestry

If you are passionate about trees and having a life outdoors, we want you to know that we share your passion.  Trees are keystone organisms in the natural environment, supporting an awe-inspiring range of wildlife, as well as being a fun challenge to climb!  Trees are of great importance to us in a more direct way too: urban trees provide our cities with a cooler environment, cleaner air, they can de-toxify soils, reduce flood risk and research also identifies their importance in human well-being and mental health.

Only arboriculture (the discipline of ‘caring for trees’) has a specific focus on the planting, establishment and management of trees to gain their many benefits.  In this time of climate crisis, arboriculture has a very large role to play in creating greener cities, mitigating the effects of climate change and making future development more sustainable.  Currently, there is a massive demand for skilled arborists and knowledgeable arboriculturists in the UK – and around the world.

At Myerscough, we work closely with employers and industry organisations to ensure that our courses are developed so that you will gain the essential skills and specialist expertise to join this growing industry – and our HE courses are all accredited by the Institute of Chartered Foresters, so you can aim high and become a ‘Chartered Arboriculturist’ to further your tree-related career.

Through research, online delivery and key teaching resources, we are at the forefront of arboricultural knowledge and practice in the UK and we are the leading deliverer of degrees in arboriculture and urban forestry.  The employment rate for our arboricultural graduates is very high (100% in most years) and many of our graduates go on to make significant contributions to the industry. 

Our experienced team of tutors and instructors are actively involved with high profile arboricultural events and our tree-related research has had a major influence on the arboricultural sector.  As well as the core team of teaching staff, our close ties with industry professionals, scientists and experts means that you will meet a variety of inspiring guest speakers during your time with us.  The College’s extensive grounds, large tree collection, woodlands, specialist tutors and practical facilities all us to provide you with a wide range of experiences without having to leave the College campus.  However, we also incorporate valuable field trips to special sites, special trees and to other scientific institutions, so you can further your knowledge on the ever-intriguing topic of trees.

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Horticulture is a varied and interesting career choice. It’s not just about gardening – it is a multi-million-pound hi-tech business, and with a Myerscough University Centre course, you will be given the skills to choose a career in whichever sector of the industry most takes your fancy.

You will learn about sustainable food production, the ethos behind concepts such as permaculture, forest gardens and other initiatives like edible bus-stop and student-eats, ways to include horticulture in the every-day lives of people. This is part of the ‘Transition Towns’ movement to promote sustainability and food security long-term.

You could manage the grounds of a stately home, work as a glasshouse manager for an industrial grower, set up your own nursery or garden centre business or become a self-employed gardener or consultant. Our previous students have become plant hunters for Kew, run their own nurseries, work for industrial growers such as Lovania and JA Jones, or have gone on to study for a PhD.

Horticulture has the added bonus that it’s good for you. Recent studies show that those who choose to work outdoors with plants have better mental health and fitness.


We have created a course that is broad enough that you will have the opportunity to select which route attracts you the most. You can then specialise through your individual project work.

Our facilities:

We are extremely fortunate here at Myerscough. Not only do we have state-of-the-art glasshouses, we also have a garden centre on site, award-winning grounds, a green wall and our unique speciality; turfless lawns for students to use for their practicals and training.

The lecturing team:

Myerscough University Centre has a wide range of greenspace related courses and the teaching team reflects this diversity. You will be taught by horticultural scientists, turf grass specialists, arboriculturalists and landscape architects to give you the benefit of a broad range of knowledge and experience.

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Sportsturf Science & Management

University Centre Myerscough is the pioneering college offering the broadest range of higher education qualifications for sportsturf in Europe. We have courses available from level 4 (Certificate) to 7 (Masters). We have a long, prestigious and unrivalled history of training sportsturf professionals. Our qualifications have been developed over many years in consultation with industry representatives and organisations including The Greenkeepers Training Committee (GTC) the British & International Golf Greenkeepers Association (BIGGA) and the Institute of Groundsmanship (IOG). This ensures our qualifications are fit for purpose and to equip our students with the skills and knowledge they need in industry.

Our alumni are employed in major sporting stadia and golf courses around the world, as well as by commercial companies and organisations including research and advisory establishments, product manufacturers, trade organisations and education. Our highly qualified and experienced staff have significant experience in industry and research and use this to develop students who seek to become key decision makers, influencers and leaders in the diverse sportsturf industry.

Sportsturf research is an important part of our sportsturf provision and seeks to further our knowledge and understanding of issues relevant to turfgrass science and sportsturf management. Myerscough researchers and students are exploring opportunities to make sportsturf management more sustainable. Staff have collaborated and conducted research with a number of commercial organisations and most recently with the R&A for the GOLF 2030 initiative.

The research in these areas will promote greater efficiency and sustainability of sportsturf surfaces enabling golf course and sports ground mangers to target the management of their playing surfaces and has enabled many students to develop essential research skills and some have gone onto to work for research organisations like the Sportsturf Research Institute (STRI) and other commercial companies like Sibelco, ICL, Symbio, and Advanced Grass Solutions (AGS).

If you aspire to be the best and be a leading practitioner in global sportsturf provision. Choose Myerscough Sportsturf!

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Landscape Architecture and Garden Design

Landscape Architecture

Here at Myerscough, our Landscape Architecture course takes advantage of our amazing campus with its acres of gardens, golf course and 18th century parkland setting. Lancashire’s beautiful countryside and the proximity to several thriving cities give our students the variety of design projects and influences that they need. UCLan has excellent facilities that you can access, including a model-making workshop and business facilities through its Propeller initiative.

 We have strong industry links and our design projects are as ‘live’ as they can be, working with the local council and other Landscape Architects to give you the most realistic experiences to prepare you for the world of work.

Our team comes from a range of backgrounds. You will have access to expertise in horticulture, arboriculture, turf, photography, ecology and the creative flair from floristry as well as landscape design.

Landscape Architecture is a multi-disciplinary subject that crosses the boundary between science and art. It is at the forefront of sustainable development, greening our cities and preparing for the future. You can be part of this greener future by studying at Myerscough.

Garden Design

Garden Design is similar to Landscape Architecture, except that you will be focused more on the detailed elements of design, intricate planting plans and artistic presentation needed to sell your designs to potential customers. You will have access to the same excellent facilities, with potential for creating gardens for exhibitions and shows and the chance to work on live projects.

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Floral Design

Myerscough College has been at the forefront of floristry teaching for more than 30 years. We are regarded as the leading college in the country by the British Floristry Association who have awarded us with ‘Floristry Training provider of the Year’ for four consecutive years. We are proud to be the only college in the country with online provision for our Higher Education and only one of 2 in the country to offer up to BA (Hons) level. At Myerscough, you will learn the latest floristry techniques, be involved in exhibitions and displays, have access to UCLan and make broader links to the industry through the Propeller business hub. You will also take part in running a flower club and learn how to organise events and run your own business.

The floral design industry now reaches far beyond the traditional confines of the high street retailing. Employment opportunities continue to grow in this country and abroad as the sector diversifies and expands. The industry now employs more than 25,000 people and the fresh cut flower market alone is worth more than £1.5 billion to the UK economy. 

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