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Adult Skills Troubleshooting Guide

The best way for anyone to contact the department is via email – adultskills@myerscough.ac.uk please only call us if you have no access to email. If you want to talk to someone then the best thing is to email your query and phone number and request a call back. 

The best way to book is via the Adult Skills Website though the factsheet online booking link. 

Employers can either book online selecting the employer option (pay online) or download and email the employer booking form at the bottom of all the short course pages (billed after the course)

Trouble Shooting

Its near my course date and I haven’t heard anything

  • Check they have received payment confirmation email- sometimes payments fail so we do not see a completed application. Courses with no payment should still be in the basket. If adamant got email ask them to email it along with an explanation to adultskills.
  • Check their junk mail for joining instructions (sent approx. 2 weeks before course)
  • Ensure the candidates email account has been checked- we send confirmation to candidates not parents/employers.

I can see a course date on the website but it won’t let me put it in my basket

  • Occasionally the factsheets are broken but it is usually because the course is full. Laura and V mark full courses manually so sometimes there is a delay. Ask if they can put another course date in basket- if they can then their initial date is full.

Are there any pre-requisites/specialist equipment needed for my course?

  • These are always on the factsheet. They generally apply to pesticide and chainsaw courses but some of the animal and floristry courses also have pre-requisites.

I don’t have a computer, how do I book.

  • Get an address and we will send a booking form out- try to avoid this if at all possible as we send all confirmations etc by phone.

There are no course dates on the website

  • This means we have no dates set currently. Ask them to email their details and the course they are interested in to Adult Skills so we can advise if we have any courses planned.