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Myerscough awarded Skills Builder Bronze Excellence Mark

Tuesday 5 Sep 2023

Myerscough College has joined a scheme aimed at bridging the gap in how individuals are supported to build essential skills through education and then in the rest of their lives.

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The Skills Builder Partnership was founded on the belief that essential skills should be a normal part of a good education and workplace training. And that everyone has the capacity to build those skills.

The Partnership is a global movement of employers, educators, and impact organisations working together to ensure that one day, everyone builds the essential skills to succeed.

In recent months, Myerscough has gone through the Skills Builder moderation process, and we have successfully had our Bronze Excellence Mark ratified and awarded, for our participation and engagement in the Skills Accelerator pilot in 22/23.

It’s hoped that the partnership can grow further in the upcoming academic year.

The award recognises organisations that demonstrate best practice in embedding essential skills – such as problem solving and teamwork.

in its reach and supported more than 2.3 million individuals to build their essential skills in the last year alone.

The partnership works with a range of employers to utilise the most cutting-edge techniques and innovation to create new, more rigorous ways to build essential skills for everyone, at every stage of their lives.

Meanwhile, the Skills Builder Universal Framework is a transformative approach to building the essential skills of individuals throughout their lives, in education and employment.

Powered by 800 leading organisations across education and employment, the Framework has now been backed by the UK government in statutory guidance.

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