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City and Guilds Entry Level 2 Skills for Working Life

City and Guilds Entry Level 2 Skills for Working Life

About the course

This is an Entry Level course for those who are interested in a Land-based job career. The course is offered at Entry Level 2 and focuses on a variety of land-based vocational activities. It will provide students with the basic practical skills and knowledge to either gain employment or progress to further training. It will also develop social and interpersonal skills and widen life experiences.

Course modules

Competence Qualification

Workplace Safety and Emergency Procedures

Make a Familiar Journey Safely

Identify Hazards in Familiar Settings

Improve Personal Manner and Conduct

Behaviour at Work

Introduction to ICT

Working as Part of a Group

Recognise Farm Animals

Move a Farm Animal

Maintain a Fence

Recognise Small Animals

Recognise Parts of the Body of Small Animals and Their Function

Recognise Types of Animal Housing and Bedding for Small Animals

Recognise Types of Foods and Feed Small Animals

Recognise Plants

Recognise use and Care for Tools used in Horticulture

Prepare and Plant an Area

Weed a Planted Area

Fill Plant Containers

Entry requirements & additional information

Entry requirements

Students need to be 16 or over and have an interest in practical subjects to qualify. No previous qualifications are required and the College provides support for those who have learning difficulties and disabilities

Learning and assessment

All units will be formally assessed using the C&G criteria and they will also be fully internally verified and submitted external verification where necessary.


On completion of this course it may be possible for students to progress onto a Level 1 course in Animal Care, Agriculture, Horticultural, Countryside or consider Supported Internship.


Assistant gardener, assistant grounds person, garden centre assistant, farmhand, countryside assistant etc.

Special requirements

1. Specialist Clothing and Equipment: Personal protective equipment e.g. Wellingtons / work boots (preferably steel toe-capped), overalls, waterproofs.

Work experience

All students will gain either work experience or enrichment in one or more of the four vocational areas.

Foundation Learning at Myerscough College
Foundation Learning at Myerscough College

Foundation Learning

We provide a range of Foundation Learning full-time and part-time courses for students with additional needs. Our aim is to help students develop a range of important skills - social, academic and vocational - whilst providing the support and encouragement for them to grow in confidence and express their personality. View our Foundation Learning Presentation here!

The Foundation Learning team has built up an excellent reputation over many years for successfully working with students who have a wide range of learning difficulties and disabilities.