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BTEC Level One Introductory Diploma Sport

BTEC Level One Introductory Diploma Sport

About the course

This is a Level 1 course for young people and adults who are interested in a job in Sport and Leisure. It is suitable for students with disabilities and moderate learning difficulties and / or disabilities. The Diploma is offered at Level 1 over 3 days with half a day within that dedicated to literacy, numeracy and employability skills.

The course focuses on a variety of sport and active leisure activities and helps the student to develop common, social and interpersonal skills and widen life experiences. It also provides students with the basic practical sports skills and knowledge necessary to either progress for further training or to prepare for employment.

The students will experience a wide variety of sports and leisure activities, with a focus on the personal and social development (PSD) of each student. This will be supported by the opportunity to become involved in the world of work.

Course modules

Year 1

Safe Learning in the Workplace

Taking Part in Exercise and Fitness

Managing Your Health at Work (Preston)

How the Body Works

Taking Part in Sport

Planning own Fitness Programme

Working in a Team

Investigating Rights and Responsibilities at Work (Preston)

Preparing for Work Placement (Preston)

Carrying out an Individual Project

Physical Activities for Children (Preston)

Job Opportunities in Sport and Active Leisure

Assisting a Leader of Sports and Active Leisure Activities to Plan and Deliver an Activity

Assisting at a Sport or Active Leisure Event

Working in Sport and Active Leisure

Additional information


On completion of the course it may be possible to progress onto further programmes at the College or into employment.

Special requirements

1 Specialist Clothing and Equipment: Suitable outdoor clothing and footwear for practical elements. Sports equipment list will be supplied at start of programme.

2 Minimum Age: 16 Years Old

Foundation Learning at Myerscough College
Foundation Learning at Myerscough College

Foundation Learning

We provide a range of Foundation Learning full-time and part-time courses for students with additional needs. Our aim is to help students develop a range of important skills - social, academic and vocational - whilst providing the support and encouragement for them to grow in confidence and express their personality. View our Foundation Learning Presentation here!

The Foundation Learning team has built up an excellent reputation over many years for successfully working with students who have a wide range of learning difficulties and disabilities.