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Booths plants legacy wood to celebrate 175 years

Tuesday 28 Mar 2023

The team at Booths have planted a legacy wood at Myerscough College to celebrate 175 years of retailing and pay tribute to the late Queen Elizabeth as part of the Queen’s Green Canopy.

Booths Team Plant Booths Wood

The newly planted wood is comprised of 175 large trees including English oak, dawn redwood, lime, birch and native cherries.

A further 1750 native tree seedlings, called whips, of birch, oak, sycamore, hazel, guelder rose and bird cherry, were planted to create a unique woodland for generations to come.

The Booths wood is situated at Lodge Farm, near to the College’s main Bilsborrow campus, one of three farms tenanted from the Duchy of Lancaster.  The creation of this 2.2-hectare woodland will provide a shelter for livestock on the farm, improving farm animal health, biodiversity, and will help with flood risk management and carbon capture.

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Chairman Edwin Booth said, “There’s optimism in planting trees, it’s a celebration of life and an investment for the next generation. 

‘’Replenishing our national woodland for future generations is vital. Not only do they look magnificent, trees give us oxygen, store carbon, stabilise the soil and give life to wildlife.”

“Planting out these trees of hope, together with our Booths family is a fitting legacy to celebrate our 175 year of business and pay tribute to Her Majesty, our late and much missed Queen.”

The photographs show: Edwin Booth, Chief Executive and Principal Alison Robinson, Senior Arboriculture Lecturer Duncan Slater, and Booths staff at the planting site.