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LONG READ: Influencing, engaging, celebrating - Myerscough backs Colleges Week 2024

Monday 26 February

Myerscough supports Colleges Week, an awareness campaign to highlight the superb work undertaken and the challenges faced by the further education sector.

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This year’s focus is on influencing, engaging, and celebrating ahead of local general elections later in the year.

The vitally important work we do with employers and our communities helps to tackle skills shortages, which in turn grow our economy.

It’s only with government backing that we can continue making a difference to individuals, businesses, and society, and whoever the next government is, it is essential they are focussed on ensuring colleges play an even bigger role in both society and a growing and productive economy.

Chief Executive and Principal, Wes Johnson, said: “Our aim is to ensure that all our students are properly equipped with the skills they need and can make a difference in whatever career they choose to pursue.

‘’Colleges Week not only highlights the need for proper investment to make this happen but also showcases the amazing place Myerscough is for students and staff.

“The big contribution further education makes to the country’s economy must be recognised and long-term investment is vital if we are to combat long-term challenges like climate change and training workers for the jobs of the future.”

To celebrate Colleges Week 2024, we want everyone to know the many reasons and ways why all Further Education colleges are important to the success and future of this country.

These include:

Pathways to Employment: Myerscough provuides practical training and qualifications that directly prepare students for the workforce, enhancing their employability.

Vocational Specialisms: Myerscough offers specialised courses tailored to industries, ensuring that learners possess the skills needed in growing sectors such as engineering and creative industries.

Flexibility and Accessibility: Myerscough offers a variety of learning options, including full-time, part-time, and online courses, making education accessible to individuals with various commitments and schedules.

Lifelong Learning: Myerscough provides chances for individuals to upskill or retrain throughout their careers, supporting continuous professional development and adaptability in a rapidly evolving job market.

Addressing Skills Gaps: Colleges like Myerscough play a crucial role in bridging skills gaps identified by industries and the government, equipping students to meet current and future workforce demands.

Diverse Learning Environment: Myerscough welcomes students from diverse backgrounds, and fosters an inclusive atmosphere that promotes collaboration, cultural exchange, and mutual learning.

Economic Impact: By producing skilled graduates and supporting local businesses through workforce development, Myerscough contributes to the overall economic growth and prosperity of the nation.

Supporting industry

Myerscough College and University Centre specialises in education and training for the land-based and sports industries. We teach more than twenty-five different subjects, including motorsports, golf, football, horticulture and landscaping, animal care and equine studies. Plus, there’s a whole range of other subjects available that will give you the hands on, practical skills that you need to secure the job of your dreams.

Our track record and ongoing expansion, means we have as strong a reputation as ever in delivering results and making a difference to people’s lives. We’re OFSTED rated GOOD with ‘highly effective teaching, setting high expectations and clear priorities to improve quality of provision, and delivering high quality vocational learning that responds to local, regional and national needs.’

Myerscough is proud to have its roots in Lancashire, but our branches are truly global, helping our students achieve jobs in their dream careers and chosen industries.

Our students have gone on to dream careers as a Premier League footballer, F1 mechanic, international groundsman, overseas marine conservationist and world leading horticulturalist among many, many others.

In addition to Myerscough offering a wide range of study programmes in the land-based and sport sectors, the College also supports the local and regional economies and communities significantly with a wide range of commercial activities, all of which reflect the College’s academic offer. This includes an award-winning garden centre and tea-room, an International Equestrian Arena, golf course, gym, conference facilities, Rural Business Centre and Canine Health Studio.

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Myerscough’s relationship with employers across the UK is significant, helping thousands of people in businesses across a range of sectors achieve the skilled workforce they need to succeed.

In apprenticeships, Myerscough works with hundreds of employers who benefit from the latest apprenticeship frameworks, ensuring that people make the most of their talents and ambitions and drive social mobility, helping businesses improve productivity and drive economic growth. We are the skills provider of choice for hundreds of employers. We have extensive industry links, from SMEs through to global brands and Premier League football clubs, changing the lives of local people every day.

Myerscough College has a long and proven track record of delivering a diverse range of apprenticeships, supporting apprentices with their training across the country. Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM) remains a key driver and focus in terms of Myerscough apprenticeships and education provision, and the number of apprentices in this area is growing rapidly.

Find out about a Myerscough College apprenticeship could offer you or your business here

In addition, Myerscough offers a range of traineeships, a flexible education and training programme with work experience, designed for young people who are motivated to get a job but who lack the skills and experience that employers look for, to get a ‘foot on the ladder’.

Myerscough also offers a wide range of short adult skills courses, boosting works careers with industry recognised professional qualifications, and upskilling the workforce of many businesses.

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The world is changing at an ever-increasing pace. Colleges are part of that, they help businesses with labour market planning, they are leading the way in the green economy and with technology. In Lancashire, Myerscough is proud to lead the way with the College’s sector-renowned Food and Farming Innovation and Technology Centre.

The centre was opened in 2017, and is available for use by a range of commercial organisations, societies, farmers groups and food businesses - for conferences, exhibitions, training courses, research, food development programmes or regional meetings, in addition to being integrated into College farm and agriculture student life.

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Supporting communities

Myerscough does extensive work with our fantastic students who require additional support to realise their potential. Known as SEND learners (Special Educational Needs and Disabilities), the College has a modern, state-of-the-art Foundation Learning Centre, highly qualified and experienced staff, and an Inclusive Learning support network. Staff involved in Inclusive Learning are experts in their field and provide high quality care, which ensures that learners with SEND are fully engaged in their studies and have ownership of their learner journey.

Find out more about Myerscough’s Foundation Learning Centre at the College’s main Bilsborrow campus HERE

Elsewhere in Myerscough’s work to improve the lives of people in the local community, a number of initiatives have been introduced.

This includes the Leading Lancashire programme. This is a scheme where Myerscough College offers the opportunity for businesses in Lancashire to improve the skills of their employees, with leadership and management qualifications available to the county’s SMEs.

The idea of the programme is to assist businesses to identify, design, develop and implement work-force education and training programmes linked to the strategic needs of the business.