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Work Placement Information

Many of our courses involve a Mandatory Work Placement.

Both students and employers can benefit from the scheme and from reading the information below!

If you have already secured a Work Placement for when you course starts, please email workplacement@myerscough.ac.uk to let us know. Your email must contain your name, date of birth, the name of the organisation and the location/address of the organisation.  

Important Information

  • Any hours that you complete at a place of work before your course starts, will not be counted on your Work Placement Record.
  • Any hours completed before the College has approved the work placement, will be done so at your own risk.
  • If you are studying a full time FE course or a Traineeship, by the time you have started your course, you are expected to have secured (or have evidence that you have tried to secure) a work placement for when your course starts.
  • The work placement should be based in an organisation relating to your area of study and they must agree to provide work or a voluntary a placement for you, usually one or two days a week,  for the duration of your course.
  • The organisation must also agree to a health and safety inspection from us.

Benefits for Students

Examples of work placements include, zoos, sporting venues, charities, tree surgeons, florists, pet shops, animal sanctuaries, veterinary surgeries, propagators and farms. 

The benefits include:

  • Employability skills
  • Potential job or apprenticeship opportunities
  • Improved communication skills
  • Meeting and working alongside different people and professional staff 
  • Choosing your career, making sure that you are choosing the right path through life


I would definitely recommend industry placements to other students. I feel Im more confident and

independent. Ive met a much wider range of people and its helped me develop new skills. Its

widened my horizons, including how I see my career developing and has given me higher aspirations.

Its been a great stepping stone, I feel more trusted, so its built my confidence. Employers are looking

for a mixture of technical knowledge and practical ability, this gives you the best of both worlds.

- A Myerscough Student


Benefits for Employers and Tutors

  • Chance to introduce new workers into the workplace
  • Passionate learners
  • Supporting young people
  • Possible future employees
  • More motivated learners
  • Working with qualified and specialist job coaches

On being asked would you recommend industry placements to other employers:

Yes, unreservedly. The placements have value to the students by exposing them to the realexperience of work 

"The more industry placement time the better."

Quotes from employers

One of the key elements of success of industry placements has been instilling into prospective

students, even at their initial interview for college, the importance of industry placements. The

Colleges decision to have a fully focused team of Job Coaches working in an integrated way with the

academic areas, students and employers, is definitely the right way for us. It is working really well and

is getting positive feedback from everyone involved.


For employers and students, it is like an extended interview. Industry placements give the students

greater career prospects and also the ability to really know that this is the right choice for them. This

then has a positive impact on the industry as you have committed talent coming through.


Industry placements are integral to student success in the industry. The students are the employees

of the future. Employers definitely need to work with us to help match the student to the placement to

hold interviews and be part of the whole process

If you need support or guidance whilst looking for a placement you can email workplacement@myerscough.ac.uk