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Enrolment Further Education

From GCSE Results Day onwards (even if you have an unconditional offer)

Please note that if you studied at Myerscough last year (not including 14-16 courses) check the Admissions Guide for information specific to you. 

If you have already accepted an Unconditional Offer or are not expecting any results, keep an eye on your My Student Portal for the Enrolment Confirmation tab to appear (see below for more information)

Please note, the enrolment process takes place online and you should not attend in person until your first day, unless instructed to do so. 

If you have a conditional offer dependent on GCSE results (or other conditions), follow the steps below:

Step 1: Ensure you have completed all actions in the Pre-enrolment Checklist.

Step 2: Access My Student Portal (Student Login). Your log in details can be found on your offer email. 

Step 3: Access the My Details Tab

Step 4: In the Personal Details section, you will find the Document Uploader section.

This is where you should upload a clear photograph of your results slip or qualifications, make sure you select the correct dropdown box when uploading the document(s).

Important: if you are taking a photo/screenshot of grades that have been emailed to you, please ensure that we can see your name and also the email address of the sender (school or college email) or the website address (URL) of the portal you are using.  You can upload several documents if needed. Please note that you should upload your results even if you have not done as well as you were hoping, so that we can explore alternative options for you. You will get the option to discuss your results with a member of teaching staff should you require it. 

Once you have uploaded the document(s), you will receive a message on the screen to advise you that the upload has been successful. If your document cannot be used (for example, it isn’t clear enough to read), then you will receive an email to advise you to try again.

Once we have your results!

Shortly after you have uploaded, you will receive a decision*. This will be via email to the email address shown on My Student Portal as your personal email address, so make sure it is up to date!

In some cases, you will be contacted directly by either the Admissions Team or the subject area team for more information or to discuss your options. This usually happens if your results are better, or not as high as you were expecting.

*We hope to make all decisions within 24 hours of submission, but most decisions will be made within 5 hours. The decision you receive may be for an alternative course based on the grades that you have provided. In some cases, the decision may change if you are still required to attend an interview or applicant day. 

Enrolment Confirmation

Once the decision has been made, within 2 working days of being offered an unconditional place, you will see the Enrolment Confirmation tab appear on My Student Portal, you will need to accept this to finalise your enrolment. Shortly after this, you will be able to view your timetable. 

Start dates:

See our Start Dates page for more information