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Apprentice FAQs


Frequently Ask Questions:


What do the Maths and English assessments involve?

The assessments are designed to give us a comprehensive evaluation of your current aptitude in each area. In most cases they will need to be completed online before we can process your application. 

You should allow yourself 30 minutes for the Maths assessment and 30 minutes for the English assessment.

The results of the assessment will allow us to ensure that your chosen course is suitable for you and to provide any additional support to assist you in your studies (if applicable). In some cases, you may be asked to complete an additional assessment in ICT.

What should my wage be?

If you are currently in employment, your employer is required by law to pay you at least the current National Minimum Wage until your apprenticeship has officially started. Visit the Government website here for more information about wages and minimum requirements.

Is there any external support to help me with my learning?

If you are accepted onto your course, the College will assess your needs and put any additional support in place that may be required. External support and advice is available from services such as Remploy http://www.remploy.co.uk/supportingapprentices.

How long does it take to complete a sign up process?

It can vary depending on your chosen course. We will be in touch shortly after you have applied to arrange a meeting with you and an appropriate person at your place of work.