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Photography Stock

UAL Level 2 Diploma Creative Design (Photography); 6003807X

UAL Level 2 Diploma Creative Design (Photography); 6003807X

About the course

This is an Introductory course that is designed to give you a broad understanding of Creative Design. It provides a balance of both practical and theoretical instruction and is an ideal preparation for those learners who wish to progress onto our more advanced level 3 Diploma courses or for those who wish to enter the industry at craft level.

Areas covered include, 2D and 3D visual communication and the basic principles of Art and Design and photography.

Course modules

Year 1

Applying contextual references in art and design

Aiming to develop your ability to research and explore different aspects of art, craft and design from contemporary, historical and cultural sources.

Creative projects in art and design

Throughout this unit you will carry out research, development and generation of final designs relative to an art and design pathway such as graphics, textiles or 3D.

Developing an art and design portfolio

This unit speaks for itself really, and should act as a vehicle for supporting an application to employment or further study.

Introduction to specialist pathways in art and design

This unit aims to provide you with a broad understanding of the art and design industry and the employment opportunities available within it.

Investigating contextual references in art and design

Recording for creative intentions in art and design

Editing photographic images (photography route)

An introduction to basic editing skills and software.

Location photography (photography route)

An introduction to the skills required for taking great location photography including scene setting, view finding and planning.

Photography briefs (photography route)

This unit aims to develop your knowledge and ability to use photographic techniques and processes, guided by the constraints and opportunities of a specific brief.

Practical research project

Undertake a practical research project in your chosen route.

Studio photography (photography route)

An introduction to the skills required to undertake studio photography.

Entry requirements & additional information

Entry requirements

This course covers practical skills and relevant background knowledge. Students are normally aged 16 or over and the following qualifications are needed:

¨ 2 GCSEs at Grade D (3) or equivalent, one must be English Language.

¨ or equivalent qualifications.

Learning and assessment

Assessments will include assignments, portfolios, practical work and practical examinations.


The vast majority of students usually progress onto the Level 3 Diploma courses if they gain sufficient merits on the Level 2 Diploma. Alternatively you can investigate the apprenticeship route.


The Photography/Creative industry can offer roles in the retail industry or working alongside professional independent photographers/craftspeople learning skills and techniques for a variety of functions.

Special requirements

1 Specialist Clothing and Equipment: Students must provide their own waterproof jacket and suitable footwear. CF or SD memory cards and photographic paper. (further details provided on enrolment)

2 Extra Costs:

· Excursion trips to Galleries and Tradeshows - £20 approx

· Clothing - £75

· Camera - £250 (Optional)

· Art materials – approx £25

· Colour film and digital printing will incur processing costs approx £20

· CF or SD memory cards and photographic paper approx. £35.

Work experience

Photography Interest – A work placement either with an independent photographer, alternatively a Saturday job in a photographic accessory high street shop can offer a wealth of hands-on experience.