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Aspects of Canine Behaviour - Part Two

About the course

This is the second stage of the Aspect of Canine behaviour course - this course is only open to students who have successfully completed stage one. The topics below are examples of what the course may cover but students who have already completed stage one know that the course can be fluid and work to the needs of the group.

  • Stage two will looker deeper into subjects already covered in stage one and adds a new dimension in understanding dog behavior - for example it will examine dogs’ emotion, memory and motivation.

  • Canine enrichment, and training and how to utilise the dog’s senses

  • The course will look further into aspects of canine behaviour and communication. With practical sessions on canine communication, also by observing and identifying behaviour in real life.

  • The course will enable students to develop various behaviour modification programmes to change aggressive behaviour and the motivation for that behaviour.

  • The course will enable students to develop various behaviour modification programmes to rehabilitate a dog into society for example when a dog has been in rescue long term or if a dog has abnormal fearful behaviour.

  • Outline how to work with breed specifics and further examine how breed may affect behaviour.

  • Develop a programme for a puppy’s successful socialisation and integration into the home and its environment.

  • Examine the canine human /relationship its development and future.

    Students will be expected to work together and independently re problem solving and positive development.

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